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In a notable press conference titled "1000 Days of Motherhood: an Action Plan," organized by the Minister of Social Security and Labour, Monika Navickienė, Family Visiting Specialists Ligita Vitkienė and Vytautė Švedienė shared their remarkable experiences in family outreach. They highlighted the crucial role of family visit specialists in identifying early signs of potential issues and engaging effectively with families. Their stories underscored the profound impact of timely interventions, suggesting that these efforts could even be life-saving or prevent severe distress. 

Further, the Ministry announced a significant development in family support services. Starting from May 1, 2025, there is a plan to expand home visiting services nationwide, focusing on early intervention. This move reflects a growing recognition of the importance of these services in fostering family wellbeing and addressing issues at an early stage.


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While family visitation services are still relatively new in Lithuania, they have been established worldwide for quite some time. The practice of visiting families in their homes, providing guidance, and assisting them in preparing for parenthood is backed by scientific research. Despite the limited number of family visitation specialists in Lithuania, their significance cannot be overlooked. Professor Aurelija Blaževičienė, who leads the project "Developing a Model for Family Visiting in Early Intervention Services," showcased the initial experiences of Lithuania's first family visiting professionals in a poster presentation during the International Council of Nurses (ICN) World Congress held in Montreal, Canada, from July 1st to 5th. The Congress centered around the topic "Nurses Together: A Force for Global Health" and drew over 6,000 participants from 150 countries. The presentations were warmly received, and the chance to exchange best practices with researchers from other nations further enhances the project's value during the implementation phase.


I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to this exceptional project and to the family visit specialist, Aurelija Liaudinskiene. Aurelija is a warm, genuine, and sincere individual who has become a close and personal presence in our family's life. As first-time parents, we naturally have many questions and concerns, and sometimes things can feel overwhelming or exaggerated. However, Aurelija consistently offers human-centered and straightforward advice, assistance, and prompt responses to all of our inquiries, no matter the time of day—even during her own holidays. We eagerly anticipate Aurelija's visits because she has a calming effect on us, bringing a positive atmosphere to our home. She also takes the time to weigh the baby, allowing us to witness our child's growth. I have never once regretted my decision to participate in this project. In fact, I was so enthusiastic about it that I encouraged my friend to join as well, and she too expressed interest after learning about it. This project is truly wonderful and essential, in my opinion, for every family—whether it's their first or second child. It goes beyond simple assistance; it provides a profound level of support and reassurance. It aids in understanding the array of new emotions and sensations that come with motherhood. This support is especially invaluable after giving birth, as it fulfills a crucial need for every mother. After all, a content mother contributes to the happiness of the entire family! �� To all the women involved in this initiative, our family extends its heartfelt gratitude for being a steady presence and conveys the best of wishes for your endeavors!
Warmly, Eglė and Family
For numerous years, the Rokiškis district has faced considerable neglect in the realms of gynecological care and support for newborns and infants. The shortage of truly qualified gynecologists, midwives, and even breastfeeding specialists is glaringly evident. The family visitation project has swept in like a refreshing breeze to our district, and Jurate stands as our guiding light. Her assistance is nothing short of indispensable. We're able to reach out to her at any hour, seeking guidance on breastfeeding, feeding routines, and our baby's development. The home visits provided by Jurate offer an immensely valuable experience for us, first-time mothers. With her spending an hour or two within our home environment, she can gain insights into the baby's situation and provide spot-on advice when and where it's needed. We extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for such incredible initiatives and projects. Our best wishes go out to the organizers of this project for their ongoing endeavors!
Warm regards, Justė, Mother of Radvil ��
Hello, I want to express my gratitude to Simona for involving me in the "Safe Start" project, which focuses on implementing "Visiting Families through Early Intervention Services" in the Telšiai community. During my pregnancy, I spent time searching for information in books and online about various aspects like childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care. However, Simona was able to provide guidance on certain matters and share valuable additional insights. Having access to qualified assistance nearby is truly invaluable. I view the project itself as highly positive, and I strongly encourage expectant and current mothers to participate as well. Not only can you gain useful information, but you also have the chance to receive valuable gifts. Thank you once again!
Warm regards, Vaida, Mother